Jerusalem Post
  1. Nikki Haley says Trump's Middle East peace plan nearly ready

    Nikki Haley addressed a number of issues Thursday night, among them the likelihood that the US would push for a Palestinian state.
  2. Remanded former Netanyahu media advisor refusing to talk with investigators

    The police want Prime Minister Netanyahu's former media adviser to testify in the Bezeq and Gerstl-A-G probes.
  3. Seven reasons Netanyahu is still doing well in the polls?

    Trying to make sense of the Israeli mass psychology that insists a prime minister suspected of bribery is irreplaceable.
  4. U.N.: Hamas could lose control of Gaza to ‘radicals’

    “People are not getting salaries. There is no electricity and no water. That increases the likelihood of the radicals taking over [from Hamas] with an agenda that would be more militant.”
  5. Labour party expels controversial Jewish 'antisemitic' activist

    Tony Greenstein, an activist within the party, has repeatedly referred to Jews as Nazis.