Welcome to Temple Bet Yam!

Our synagogue is more than a building, school or set of programs. Temple Bet Yam is its membership, pure and simple. Our members come from all over the country, and represent every stream of Jewish thought and practice. But with our membership, we commit ourselves to a journey of discovery, where each of us, in our own way, deepens our connection to Judaism and ties to Israel . Some of us will discover greater Jewish meaning in Sisterhood or Men’s Club; some from worship and singing; some through acts of Tikkun Olam; and some from social interaction with others. Temple Bet Yam supports a wide variety of Jewish creativity. Join us and we’ll help you discover your unique path.



Temple Bet Yam is more than a journey; it’s a destination. The Hebrew term for synagogue is Bet Kneset – Home for Gathering. Some refer to a synagogue as a Bet Midrash – a Home of Study or a Bet Tefillah – a Home for prayer. By forging your own Jewish path with us, we can create a home together that honors all of the meaning and hope in our name.

Join us for Shabbat or an event that interests you to meet the members and the Rabbi. If you’d like more information, we can send you a packet of information including a newsletter, calendar of upcoming events, schedule of services and school brochures.

For more information, please call (904) 819-1875